Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Google Classroom

So it seems more and more that technology companies are taking over the world, what with i-this and google-that.

Well here is another thing that we are currently implementing. This time Google Classroom.

Classroom is a free shared online learning tool that hangs off of the Google platform. It offers the ability to set up online classrooms to anyone that has a google account. The main features are the 'Stream' which is like a facebook style comment/video sharing section. Of course being Google it embeds Youtube and Drive documents seamlessly.

Secondly the stream can be used to set and monitor home learning in the form of assignments. These assignments can be set, time scales given and documents/ handouts attached for good measure. Pupils can then electronically 'hand-in' their learning for digital marking using the collaborative tools of Google Drive.

It is Google Drive that forms the real foundation of this, it is where all documents and images are stored and all pupils in the classroom have access to the shared folder. Google's permission setting is pretty intuitive and has so far been pretty easy to deal with.

We are currently trialling the use of this system for homework tasks and also to create online e-portfolios to help parental engagement. This will help develop the IT ecosystem where everything works together!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Using Green Screen - Backdrop.TV

You should kind of start getting a theme now, that most of the technology we have on show is all about immersing the students in their learning. Helping them to get ‘into’ their learning. Green-screening is no different. It can be used in so many different applications that really the sky (or even space) is the limit!

The information below relates to a unit of work on a rainforest adventure – but just by simply changing the background and context, it could be applied to almost anything!                                       

Monday, 9 February 2015

Interactive Wall/Floor

We are once again immersed in our learning. This time we are using an interactive wall / floor to inspire our students to engage with their learning. This is still a work in progress and we would love to hear some of your feedback as to how this might be used in the future? Imagine engaging with numbers and pushing the common factors to one side and the numbers that are not factors to the other? Any kind of sorting activity could work, regardless of subject.

Also for writing, the background could be changed to reflect different topics or views.

For now, have a play!


So we all know that if we can engage students in their learning they are more likely to do well. So welcome to the next generation of worksheets! These two packs contain a huge amount of information about pre-historic and WW1 history. Wherever you see the AR logo or a qr code - use a learnpad to scan over the top, and watch the magic happen!

All of the worksheets, teacher lesson plans and a full range of how to guides can be found in the IT area of staff resources.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Using stories to engage

Children love stories – Heather Luxford says so. The problem is, that for children to learn a story they often need a storyteller that can give them the same story time after time. These stories can be used to engage pupils with the learning through drama and reading response activities as well as 
demonstrating how to meet the new focus on speaking and listening in the new National Curriculum.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Using VR Glasses (Cardboard)

Pupils love being immersed in an environment. We all know that pupils write best when they have experienced the thing we are asking them to write about. Sadly, this is not always possible. This technology allows pupils to be immersed in environments that they might not always be able to explore otherwise.

Click on the links to download the lesson ideas sheets.